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The city of Bodrum is located on the peninsula of the same name, located in the southwest of Turkey by the Aegean Sea. The city includes two twin bays with a view of the Saint-Pierre castle. This medieval fortress was partly built with stones from the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, completed in the 4th century BC. The city also provides access to the nearby seaside resorts. The little extra of Bodrum is of course its turquoise water beaches, on which it is very pleasant to bask from May to October.

Known all over the world for its festive atmosphere after dark, can the peninsula please travelers who have no attraction for this type of evening? Yes of course, it would be a shame to think that Bodrum is only for partygoers. You can easily explore the peninsula while staying away from tourists who come to party. From north to south, according to the landscapes and to the rhythm of its wonderful sunsets, you will have many opportunities to build lasting memories in Bodrum. This site offers you to explore via its map, the essential places of the Bodrum peninsula to go around in a few days, and discover its most secret corners.



To see in Bodrum

The Saint-Peter's Castle whose construction started in 1415 by the Knights of Rhodes between the two ports, was completed in 1513 and the castle was named "Château Saint-Pierre". The Pope distributed the "Andalusian Papers" (amnesty pact sold by the papacy to go to heaven after death in medieval Europe) to those who worked on the construction of the fortress to complete it.

The Mausoleum was a very large tomb, considered one of the seven wonders of the world, combining Greek architecture with its columns and Egyptian architecture with its pyramid-shaped roof. Because of this importance, all the structures of the same style which followed it were called mausoleums. This open-air museum is an important resource for understanding the culture and life of these days.

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology contains 14 exhibition halls and has the richest collection of amphorae from the eastern Mediterranean in the world. Wrecks from Yassıada, Şeytan Deresi and Serçe Lİmanı, the world's oldest sunken shipwreck on display at the Museum is worth a visit.



Culture and Nature

Art and culture in Bodrum: Bodrum is full of galleries, museums, concerts and cultural events. It is therefore not surprising that the peninsula has a deep artistic and musical heritage. It's time to discover the creative side of Bodrum.

Nature: Thanks to its bays and its coasts, Bodrum, offers you extraordinary beauties of nature in which you also have the possibility of being alone at ease. The shimmering colors of the bougainvilleas color the white walls of the houses. Large gardens of mandarin and olive trees provide Bodrum with two of its special features. Heaven!

The island of Cos (Greece): you can also take a one or more day visit to this neighboring island located 20 - 60 minutes from Bodrum (depending on the ferry you choose).



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