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Why this website about Ibiza ?

The initial idea

Ibiza is one of the five main islands that make up the Spanish Balearic archipelago, very much influenced by Catalan culture. Certainly, if we talk about Ibiza, you will probably immediately think of a several months long party, the jet-set, the cohabitation of luxury and mass tourism ... But even in the summer, it is possible to rent a car in Ibiza for a few days, to discover other facets of this beautiful island full of secrets. Residents in Mauritius, my partner and myself, have searched for a website that could show us, simply and effectively, what there was to see this beautiful island and the many activities there was to be done. There are however dozens of tourist sites in Mauritius ... But none of them appeared to us out of the lot because of its ergonomics or ease of use. So we decided to create the site that we dreamed to see existing as a reference both as new residents but also to share the contents with our friends who visit us occasionally but also expats living there.

That's how the idea of was born. An informative website useful for all, practical and easy to use, in constant evolution where everyone can share a place to discover. We offer here all the information you need about places to visit in Ibiza, points of service, accommodation or places to eat indicated on the map of Ibiza. To help you locate yourself, to know the distances between the places you want to visit, a simple click on the map will take you to the description of the place you have selected.


The idea is quite simple: to use this wonderful tool that is Google Maps to indicate places to visit on the island. The left column gives you an overview of existing places (natural parks, monuments, museums, etc. but also hotels, guest houses, restaurants, various rentals or local markets) and by scrolling the list, you will see the map moving on the right of the page, depending on where the chosen location is. You can of course zoom in on the map for a detailed view of the selected places. The red dot that moves from the bottom up is the precise place of the place that is displayed on the left side of the screen.
Conversely, if you zoom in on the map and move it from north to south or from west to east, the left column will automatically move to show you what to see in the displayed area of the Google map. The list of places of visits, monuments, natural parks or exceptional views will be exhaustive. The site evolves every day. Services (health, consulates, administration) are also offered here.



The participative concept

Each place to see or visit consists of a "card" displayed on the left of the screen. For hotels, restaurants or various rentals, the card shows a photo, a description of the place but also a call button (useful on smartphones) and a direct link to the place on GoogleMaps. When it comes to tourist sites (free or not) this card is completed by a dedicated page (more info) which allows to know more about the place in question. This page allows the visitor to read a bit about the place to visit but also shows photos, gives information on rates and schedules and allows to call, send an email, access the website and directly locate on Googlemaps of the place.

Cards that do not have a "more info" page are generally private places (hotels, restaurants, rentals) which are nonetheless indicated on our website, for free, because they constitute, in our opinion, places of interest in Mauritius. Our site wanting - in the long run - to be exhaustive, is also participative, so we made a page to allow you to propose a new place to visit, an original restaurant or a geographical point of view not to be missed.



Dedicated pages

Each tourist attraction has its own 'default' page, which is not always the case for private places.
Some private places (hotels, restaurants, rentals) also have dedicated pages. These pages are indexable by search engines, may increase the referencing of these places but also offer our visitors the opportunity to know more about certain hotels or restaurants that they would choose via our website. We have no belly or commission strategy related to our website. Our pages describe the places presented as objectively as possible and each dedicated page indicates all the direct coordinates of the places presented.
In order to make (eventually) profits from our site, it is possible that we exchange the presence in the dedicated pages of certain establishments against an annual renting.



Property of website
This website has been conceived and realized by Frederick Moulaert and developed by Stéphane Turrin. The web design company Hypnoluxo Ltd si based in Grand Baie, Mauritius and the web development company Hypnotized is based in Genval, Belgium.