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Things to do
in Rodrigues

Sail, ride, walk, run, relax

Rodrigues is the ideal place to relax. Rodrigues is an Eden preserved in full Indian Ocean. Far from the excesses of modern consumption, Rodrigues brings you back to the essence of things. Abandon yourself and resource yourself on this small island about an hour flight from Mauritius.

The fantastic lagoon of Rodrigues also lends itself to all kinds of activities such as sled sports including: windsurfing and, more recently, kitesurfing are a real craze.



What to do in Rodrigues ?

Going to sea by pirogue is an unforgettable experience. No motor, just the sound of sailing, wind and sea. We sailed to Hermitage Island where we had lunch and then go to the island of Cats. These two islands are jewels preserved of everything, a true paradise on earth not to be missed. I think this is our best day on the island and we dream of coming back! Note that other canoes came to join us but equipped with an engine. We were really lucky to have the right guide who made us live this unique moment!

Parc François Leguat is a giant turtle reserve. This is the first site we visited when arriving in Rodrigues because it is located near the airport. This park has two caves and it is Grande Caverne that we visited. A very nice visit that I recommend you upon your arrival.



Recreational and sports activities

If you like snorkeling or diving, Rodrigues will become your little paradise. The seabed is exceptional and much richer than in Mauritius. This is where we become aware of the impact of tourism. Here, no mass tourism, everything is preserved. There are many experiences that are made here to protect nature.

Mount Limon is the highest point of the island (393 m above sea level) and is the best point of view on Rodrigues. It only takes a few minutes to climb to the top, so it would be a shame not to go especially since the sunset is beautiful! There are few reliefs in Rodrigues, but that does not stop to make nice walks.

Enjoy a unique and exhilarating Tyrolean excursion south of Rodrigues. An ideal activity for lovers of adventure and nature. You will discover the breathtaking view of the lagoon of the south coast of Rodrigues Island, the waterfalls, the green valleys and the discovery of the beauty of the island of Rodrigues.



Who makes the selection ?

Our selection is based solely on our own experiences and those of some friends who live in Rodrigues. It is not based on a paid system. The general referencing visible on the home page is only oriented in the interest of the users of our site dedicated to Rodrigues. The proposed venues are intended to be as objective as possible for an audience composed of both casual visitors but also for Mauritian residents and expats living in Mauritius.