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Things to see
in Rodrigues

Discover an amazing nature, explore the water, walk our fantastic beaches

You will be able to visit all the places of the island, but if you do not take the time to meet the Rodrigues, you miss some of the magic of this island. The Rodrigues population is different from Mauritius despite the fact that the two islands are so close. Of African and French descent, the population is different from that of Mauritius (where one comes rather from India). The kindness and the philosophy of life of Rodrigues are really touching. Here, we are relax first! Living on an island is not easy every day but here we take advantage of what we have and we are positive!



To see in Rodrigues

Port Mathurin is the capital of Rodrigues with its 6000 inhabitants. Do not miss the market to discover the crafts and culinary specialties (dried octopus in season, jams, pies, etc.) or simply soak up the local atmosphere. It has always been said that Rodrigues looked like Mauritius from 30 years ago. That's pretty true and that's what makes it so charming.

Rodrigues is not huge and you can travel easily in different ways: Cycling for the more athletic. There are many nice paths. By car via a car rental or by calling a taxi. By motorcycle, scooter or public transport (experience to do!)



Culture and Nature

On site, you will not miss crafts: baskets, decorative objects, there is something to bring back memories made on the spot and in the tradition. You will see that there are also very good local products such as honey or jams. Here, we still do not import so a lot of things are done on site.

As for the beaches, you will be served in Rodrigues. If the beaches are beautiful in Mauritius, they are beautiful in Rodrigues. The beaches are in the eastern part of the island, from Pointe Coton to Port Sud-Est. There is something for everyone: long beaches lined with casuarinas, little coves or coves, some accessible only by sea or on foot.

In the middle of August (the austral winter in this part of the globe), the beaches were completely deserted. You will like to discover them one by one and notably Trou d'Argent which everyone is talking about.



Who makes the selection?

Our selection is based solely on our own experiences and some of our friends who came here to Rodrigues. It is not based on a paid system. The general referencing visible on the home page is only oriented in the interest of the users of our site dedicated to Rodrigues. The proposed venues are intended to be as objective as possible for an audience composed of both casual visitors but also for Mauritian residents and expats living in Mauritius.