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Sunset drumming ritual

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  • Sant Joan de Labritja
Sunset drumming ritual
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The Sunset Drumming Ritual in Ibiza is a peace-loving place. Is likely that if it is the first time that you visit cala Benirràs, you have the feeling that you already knew it before. The native Ibicencos are so famous for their tolerance that there is an actual phrase to describe it. “Tolerancia Ibicenca,” as it's cheerfully known, often cited as the reason why nobody is surprised when everyone is shockingly late (just have another Hierbas) and everything takes at least 5 times longer than you expected. So it's not surprising to learn that the legendary drumming ritual, every Sunday at Benirras, has at its heart a profound history, related to this generous spirit of tolerance.

The image of the Sunset surrounded by boats on 'the finger of God' as popularly known to the islet which emerges from the water in this area, is one of the most used in the brochures of tourist promotion in Ibiza. The Cala Benirras is one of the must-see of Ibiza, whether in family, friends or partner. Even while in the North, West orientation allows enjoy the Sun all afternoon.

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