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Hiking in Rodrigues
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Walking in Rodrigues is part of the daily life of its inhabitants, so take a step in the history and culture of Rodrigues and its tropical atmosphere. You will experience a profound feeling of absolute freedom and tranquility. You will not be surprised if the landscapes can be diversified on this little piece of paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The starting point of this walk is at the highest point of the island in Mont Limon at 390 meters, offering a fantastic view. You will then descend towards Mont Goyave, on the way admire the views of the shades of turquoise and enjoy some tropical fruits. This hike will take you to the small, discrete beach of Banana River, a surprising place.

The East of Rodrigues Island is full of more beautiful beaches than others. Miles of wild beaches rush from Mourouk to Pointe Coton. You will start your ride either from Saint-François down to Mourouk or the other way. Anyway, bring your swimsuit, a mask and snorkel and sunscreen, not to mention your camera to immortalize the beauty of the place.

These texts come from the site of Marie-Paule founder of "Eco Ballade" in Rodrigues, a woman with a big heart, a devastating smile and a devouring passion for life. A passionate guide, in love with her island that she describes as a real gem.

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