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The Cats island

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The Cats island
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This is where the adventure begins. A unique opportunity for you to dive into a natural aquarium that forms part of the marine protected area of ​​Port South East (Couzoupa). You will undoubtedly be amazed by the splendor of the lagoon and the rich marine biodiversity that is hidden there. The southern lagoon is indeed a real muse of the heritage of Rodrigues which is full of rare species: the beautiful corals that house several small marine creatures, giant clams or acropora. In osmosis with the inhabitants of the places you forget the small worries of the daily newspaper. You will attend first class parade of jacks and other multicolored poisons such as trumpet poisons.

Then we leave this magical place and we head for the cat island.
You will have the opportunity to bask in the sun on the golden sand while contemplating the beauty of the landscape that is offered to you: a crystal clear sea or the pleasure of taking a bath.

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