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Fairground market of Saint-Pierre

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Fairground market of Saint-Pierre
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At the fairground market of Saint-Pierre you can find fruits and vegetables with poultry, through local products, crafts, clothes, ... You can return "to the hut" with fresh products (wide variety of vegetables and fruits, eggs, fish, meat, cheese, ...) but also with ready-made products such as samosas, stuffed peppers, grilled chickens (sometimes accompanied by potatoes or pickles from vegetables), sarcives, local cakes and other pastries.

The fairgrounds offer a wide range of local products such as vanilla, honey, peppers, jams, preparation for mixed rums, spices, ... artisanal products from Réunion (and Malagasy and Indian Ocean crafts).

Bar and restaurant trucks are located near the market. You can also take the opportunity to go for a walk along the ocean and even rest for a moment in the shade of a casuarinas tree.

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