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Piton des Neiges
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The Piton des Neiges played a key part in the creation of Reunion Island. The volcano has been dormant for 120 centuries, but it was at the origin of the creation of two thirds of the island, over three million years ago! It has eroded over time and - in the absence of volcanic activity - it remains the highest peak of the island, standing at an altitude of 3,069 metres! But its name can be misleading (neige = snow in French) because this peak of Reunion Island is rarely covered in snow. And there is no year-round snow cover and snowfall is rare there. However, it is cold at the top and the hikers who want to take on this climb need to be well equipped.

Climbing the Piton des Neiges is one of the activities not to be missed in Réunion. The goal is to reach the summit before dawn in order to witness the sunrise over almost the entire island: a magnificent spectacle.

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