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Voile de la Mariée Falls

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  • Route Departementale 48
  • 423-437
  • Salazie
Voile de la Mariée Falls
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The Voile de la Mariée waterfall is located in the east of Reunion Island, in the Salazie cirque, at an altitude of around 500 meters. The waterfall owes its name to the visual effect of the many waterfalls that stretch in width for nearly 100 meters along the rampart separating the Salazie cirque from the plateau on which the Bélouve primary forest is located. The spectacle is even more striking in summer during the rainy season when the flow is high. The various waterfalls end their journey in the bed of the Rivière du Mât.

The Voile de la Mariée has the advantage of being visible from the road, approximately 1 km after the village of Salazie, just before the intersection to go either to the village of Hell-Bourg, or to Grand Ilet and the Col Beef. Arriving near the area and without getting out of your car, you can see him very easily. Take advantage of being there to take the path leading to the basin located at the foot of the waterfalls. the route leads you in particular to the watercress plantations which surround the falls. Allow around 1 hour 15 minutes for a return walk.

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