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The Cirque de Mafate

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The Cirque de Mafate
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Réunion Island is a volcanic island. Several ancient collapsed volcanoes have left huge "holes" surrounded by mountains, known as "circuses". They are, of course, one of the must-see sites to see during your tour of Reunion Island. The Cirque de Mafate is a caldera on the island. It was formed from the collapse of the large shield volcano the Piton des Neiges. 

An authentic and enchanted experience !
The circus of Mafate, far from the hustle and bustle of modern times, gently and authentically welcomes hikers in what has become part of the inhabited heart of the National Park, a World Heritage Site. The larger Mafate village called "La Nouvelle" has only one school, electricity is supplied by the sun, a bakery and grocery stores are supplied mainly by helicopter. Nature reigns supreme there, it explodes at every turn of a marked path, the mountains are omnipresent, the peaks have unimaginable shapes, the ravines, waterfalls and forests are a real feast for the eyes.

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