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About the Arachnids

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About the Arachnids
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Arachnids (Arachnida) are a class of chelicerate arthropods, terrestrial or aquatic, often insectivorous. This is the group that includes, among others, spiders, scorpions and mites.

Nearly 74,445 species have already been identified in this group present on all continents. For the three largest, they are distributed as follows: 1,200 scorpions (whose abdomen is segmented), 35,000 spiders and 30,000 mites (mainly symbionts or parasites). The oldest known species, a scorpion, lived 435 million years ago.

A repellent color
The color blue is said to repel scorpions. It is widely believed that scorpions assimilate the color blue to fire, which forces them to move away from it. Blue paint is also used all around the Mediterranean Sea and in the United States to keep insects out of windows and doors.

The blue used to paint the windows and doors of houses in Bodrum would be obtained from copper sulphate.

As for the white paint that covers the houses of Bodrum, it also has its utility. The white walls allow freshness to be kept inside buildings during periods of high heat.

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