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Discover our insects
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"Protecting insects and more broadly nature is protecting man and his future". And this involves a few simple actions: give them water, eliminate all the biocides, let wild herbs grow in your garden ...

Each link in the chain must be preserved otherwise the whole system is disorganized
Insects are disappearing, but so are birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles and even wild flowers. In fact, everything is linked: the flowers are fertilized by foraging insects, the plants feed on herbivores which in turn feed on carnivores, their waste is recycled by small animals and return to the earth in the form of a fertilizer thanks to which plants grow. "Biodiversity is as important an issue as climate change and we can only win this battle by working on all levers."

Provide water for insects throughout the year
Welcoming insects and biodiversity more widely in your garden, on your balcony or even on a window sill, it's really within everyone's reach. You just need to let a few wild flowers grow there, to offer food and shelter in a way, and above all to make water available throughout the year and not only in hot and dry weather. The bird bath is now part of the known gestures in favor of the avifauna, but who is thinking of installing a bistro for insects? Like all living things, insects need to drink. Some species also need water to make the mortar they use to build or enclose the cells in which their larvae will live. These drinkers must be shallow, otherwise they will drown, while checking the level regularly because, in the height of summer, the water evaporates quickly. The trick is to put pebbles or clay or glass beads in a container, so that the insects can land and drink safely, while maintaining a sufficient supply of water.

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