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Bodrum Chocolate Museum

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Bodrum Chocolate Museum
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The historical places and buildings located in all districts of Muğla, mainly Bodrum and Milas, and the chocolate works of people who have added value to Muğla. 7 tons of chocolate were used in the creation of the museum. It is a first in our region in terms of concept. People walking around inside our museum come out by storing their daily happiness hormones. Our motto is the road to happiness. Our museum is open between 10.00 and 19.30 during the week. Arrangements will be made in opening and closing hours according to pandemic conditions. An air conditioning system was installed to prevent the works in our museum, which was built on a large area, from melting. We keep the environment at a certain temperature. Thus, it can remain intact for a long time. We exhibit historical and natural artifacts unique to every district of Muğla. Some different works can be exhibited in the upcoming period. Besides our museum, there is also our store where real Belgian chocolates, produced by 2014 Belgian Chocolate Champion Mesut Kırımlı, are sold. The most important feature of Belgian chocolate is that it is handmade. We make our chocolates from 100 percent cocoa. We do not use palm oil as an additive.

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