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  • Çarşı, Cevat Şakir Cad.
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  • Bodrum
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Bodrum bus station is the center of road transport. Bodrum is one of the most important tourist centers in Turkey. For this reason, it is a very busy transport center, especially with the start of maritime tourism in summer.

The dolmuş will transport you everywhere on the peninsula. Buses are also available to take you to the airport or to more distant destinations in Turkey.

Using public transport is the ideal solution to meet the locals and mix with the population. Taking the bus is the most economical way of getting around Bodrum. The dolmuş (pronounced "dolmush") is a mini-bus or a van making shorter journeys than the buses. A dolmuş starts when it is filled, or when the driver decides! The word "dolmuş" also means "filled"! They are slower than buses because they often stop, whenever a passenger wants to get off (shouting "dur", pronounced "dour", which means "stop") or whenever a person wants to get in (waving).

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