Sakız Ana

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Sakız Ana
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Turkish meals are prepared every day at Sakız Ana for lunch time and generally there is nothing left to eat around 3 or 4 pm, as many regulars go there every day.

Sakız Ana is a cool place with its wooden tables, straw ceilings and small garden. Once in the restaurant, you go inside and look in the pans to see what has been prepared fresh from the day. All the dishes are delicious. After choosing your meal, have yogurt and pickles on the large table.

Yaprak sarma (stuffed grape leaves), nohut (chickpeas), mantı (Turkish ravioli), zeytinyağlı pırasa (leek in olive oil), türlü (vegetable stew). They are all incredibly delicious! It's impossible not to find a dish to your taste at Sakız Ana.

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