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ZAI Library
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New generation library
The new generation Zai library was designed using the concept of "third place libraries". The idea of ​​creating a more interactive and versatile environment, outside of the familiar library concept, has been moved to the structure and purpose of the space. Zai, which was created with the aim of being the third place for readers who will spend time there, after home and work, welcomes its guests in a social and cultural space.

With the philosophy of "read, listen, watch", the place also appeals to different interests, as well as the space for reading books in classic libraries, a pocket cinema where film screenings and readings are made, a cooking workshop will be held with writers and chefs, a space for classical music lovers. There is a cafe serving 3rd generation coffees, snacks, special teas. With this new generation library concept, Zai offers its guests a calm and pleasant environment under the olive trees.

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