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Professor Suha Özkan
"I have worked as an international manager and academician for many years. I have traveled over a hundred countries and met professionals who are our balance. We worked together. The natural result of this position was an accumulation of books purchased.

The library is located in Bodrum because we decided, my wife and I, to continue the rest of our lives here. Bodrum is a small town and the architectural environment is very active due to the high demand for construction. There are more than 300 architects here. Access to information is now a very simple process on the Internet and does not require a physical library. Yet it is a completely different passion to study, touch and read books and original documents. Isn't it exciting that a house in Bodrum, with a history of more than a century, is surrounded by books, even for a small professional getaway? I wanted to create and keep this excitement alive. Our total number of books, magazines and original documents exceeds twenty thousand. Architecture, history, cities and art products can be found in this library. "

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