Kara Ada (Black Island)

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Kara Ada (Black Island)
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Well, the beneficial and therapeutic properties of this silt have yet to be proven... And of course, we highlight the beauty of Cleopatra which would come from this practice.

Located right across Bodrum and 4 miles away, Kara Ada is one of the stopover points of the blue cruise and day trip boats. There is a cave where the boats dock or the boats usually anchor in front of this cave. Although its name is "black", Kara Ada is a lush green place with hills covered with pine forests. There is a hot water spring in the cave in question. It is known that the healing mud and hot water here are especially good for skin diseases. According to a rumor, the beauty of the famous Cleopatra is said to come from this mud.

Tourists visiting Kara Ada take a souvenir photo by putting their face and body in this mud. Then they enter the boiling thermal water of the cave and immediately after that they swim in the azure waters of Karaada. The most beautiful and the largest beach of Kara Ada, which shelters beautiful bays and beaches in the back, is the port of Poyraz, whose bottom is like sand and the sea like an aquarium. Adalı Bay, located north of Yassı Island, 1.6 km east of Poyraz port, and Çemberci Bay, 1.6 km east of Cape Rabbit, are also part of the clean bays that boat trips frequently visit.

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