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Start in Bodrum - Food Innovation

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Start in Bodrum - Food Innovation
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10 & 11 October.
To ignite BODRUM’S ECONOMY, create a vibrant, young (non-seasonal) sustainable startup eco-system on the Bodrum peninsula, attracting startups, investors, mentors and building a co-working, collaborative and co-operating local community. To implement this vision, we developed a series of events including a Bodrum ThinkTank dedicated to creating solutions for Bodrum’s problems of today and to predict and prevent future challenges.

Our event are open to all food innovators, startups and investors. It’s a forum for collaboration and accelerated connection from established food providers as well as food startups, investors, representatives from government, academia, food associations, media and industry analysts.

The event is unique in creating an open platform for all the food professionals in the development of a new innovative food innovation eco-system for our future.
Our aim is to increase quality of food innovation in the future and create an accelerated platform for like-minded people to share ideas and bring new and innovative food solutions to market.

The event will be hosted in Bodrum the 10th & 11th of October 2020 with speakers and judges from key food innovators.

During the event, startups will present their products, projects, solutions and ideas.
The best ideas will be awarded with connecting startups with food innovation providers and investors.

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