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AUTOCHECK Motor Vehicle Test Centre
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Autocheck Ltd is a company that formed with the specific objective of operating motor vehicle test centres in Mauritius. It has been selected by the government to operate the centre in Plaine Lauzun. The promoters of Autocheck are experienced businessmen in Mauritius with vast experience in the transport and automobile sectors, and interested in the improvement of road safety in Mauritius.

On our website, you will find all the information you need to make a booking and find out all the requirements for a vehicle examination.

Currently, the examination of vehicles is a visual process, where no equipment is used and the failure rate is not reflective of the condition of vehicles. The government has embarked on a course where proper vehicle examination will be done, using appropriate and approved equipment with competent and trained personnel. The consequences of this to owners of vehicles is that a visit to the examination centres may result in a vehicle failing the test, and the owner taking responsibility for the repairs to maintain the vehicle in a safe condition, and returning for a re-examination. To ensure minimum inconvenience, it is recommended that vehicles are prepared for a vehicle examination.

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