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Île Aux Benitiers


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Île Aux Benitiers
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Formed by the coral reef, the island of Benitiers is a popular tourist excursion that is 500 meters in front of La Gaulette. The île aux Bénitiers is two kilometers long along a north-south axis for a maximum width of 500 meters. Its surface is 500 hectares. You will also visit the Crystal Rock located in the middle of the lagoon.

When you are on the island, the cooks will start grilling and in about an hour you will be served a delicious menu consisting of: grilled kebabs, seafood and fish, chicken, sausages, garlic bread, salads. Dessert: Banana flambé. After lunch, you can enjoy relaxing moments - laze on the beach, stroll the island or explore the lagoons and coral reefs surrounding the island.

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