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Food Boutik Meals to go
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Every day, a selection of pasta, light meals and desserts awaits you at Food Boutik, Pointe Aux Cannonniers. Behind the small window of Food Boutik no local maurician food. Here the beautiful part is made to Europe with a big 'E': "I would say that it is a European cuisine, but beware, nothing complicated. I offer a cuisine with ease that anyone will enjoy to eat at home "says Sam, the Belgian chef of the establishment.

Among the dishes on offer are European-style pork stew, pasta, lasagna, scotch egg and many other fish and chicken dishes. There are also dishes for vegetarians. The special thing here is that the menus change regularly: We do not offer the same menus every week. The goal is not to tire the palates of our customers, who are very happy with the freshness and originality of our products.

The first dishes are offered at 200 Rs. The most expensive dish does not cost more than 400 Rs. The portions are plentiful and they are served in a box quickly biodegradable.

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