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The Aravalli Spa


  • Avenue Beau Manguier
  • Cap Malheureux
The Aravalli Spa
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The Aravalli Spa in Cap Malheureux is a beauty manifest - with its white domes, reflection pools, hauntingly evocative background music and echoing mantras - The Aravalli Spa has been built with exclusivity in mind.

Our treatments combine ancient healing techniques with the purest and most potent ingredients sourced from across the globe. Imagine an exceptionally rich moisturising treatment, with real gold powder that leaves your skin feeling elastic, lustrous and radiant with a natural 'lift'. Or a natural mask, custom made for you, using the freshest locally sourced honeys, fruits and purest essential oils and minerals. At The Aravalli Spa, these are treatments as ritualistic ceremonies designed to calm adrenals and recalibrate your soul. An opulent experience, from start to finish.

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