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Pointe d'Esny
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Pointe d’Esny Beach is located in the village of Pointe d’esny, in the southeast part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beaches of Mauritius situated in the Grand Port district.

Effectively sealed off by one luxury residential property after the other, this true gem of a beach is near impossible to find, unless you’re really looking for it. Without trespassing private property, the only way to access Pointe d’esny beach from land, is through a small 150m long pathway from the coastal road. The path is only about two metres wide, and located between two private properties in the center of Pointe d’esny.

You will not find any signs, public restrooms, snack stands, parking areas, or any other sort of facilities here. What you will find though, is a good kilometre of fine white sand, along with a sandy, shallow seafloor and absolutely crystal clear Indian Ocean waters. This quiet beach is in stark contrast to the touristy commerce and liveliness of the neighbouring Blue Bay beach.

Perhaps not the perfect spot for a full day out, due to the lack of facilities, but for a quiet away-from-it all-dip in clear Indian Ocean waters, this beach is hard to beat.

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