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Tamarin Bay


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Tamarin Bay
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The view of the bay is very scenic, making it ideal for a walk rather than a swim. Since it is surrounded with many 'swimmable' beaches, the Tamarin Bay isn't highly popular and busy even on weekends and holidays.

As it is at the mouth of ‘La Rivière du Rempart’, during rainy season, Tamarin Bay is separated in two parts, due to the river. “La Passe” created by this river is not difficult to cross if you are not scared to get yourself a bit wet. At low tide it can go from ankle high to hip high, and at high tide it goes from knee high to deeper where you would have to swim through it to reach the other side. In winter, it is often all dried out. During heavy rains, “La Passe” can be very dangerous due to strong currents and people have to be very cautious when deciding to cross it or not.

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