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The Vortex
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The vortex found in Mauritius is the first to be active (thirteen others will be found on Earth). The cosmic energies which are found there will help with these changes taking place as much for the planet as for the humans. The energy travels in spirals through the vortex regulating the energetic disbalance within those who sit there for at least twenty minutes.
This  rapid  balancing of  energetic circuits, chakras and meridians, will get the physical body to react and very often mild symptoms such as fatigue, vertigo, uneasiness, migraine, might be felt without any serious consequences though when one leaves the vortex. In the case of more serious physical or psychological ailments more specific treatment can be targetted on the vortex .
Benevolent mediates will be at your disposal in order to guide you in your quest for harmony and health. It is the celestial physicians that help you heal  ( some  call them  angels, guides or by many other names . You will also be helped and inspired  so as to better understand the reason behind your illness or your lack of energy.

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