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Mauricio, the first train of the Metro Express maurician, left the depot of Richelieu for his maiden voyage in early October 2019. With political and sports figures on board, he went to Rose Hill, where a crowd was waiting for him.

It crosses five major cities, including Curepipe, Vacoas, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes and the capital Port Louis. The Rose Hill-Port Louis section has been operational since September 2019, while rail links from the Curepipe station are expected to begin in early 2021.

The metro project reduces travel time between Curepipe and Port Louis to 41 minutes.

Mauritius Metro Express project background
The light rail project is being undertaken to decrease traffic congestion in Mauritius, which is costing the nation MUR4bn ($119.6m) a year. The project design includes the creation of a multimodal urban transit solution, connecting three major bus interchanges to give commuters to access bus services.

A future north-south expansion of the metro express is in plan, which will create a direct connection to the airport.

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