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Grand Baie Karate Dojo

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  • Off Coastal Road, Casse Ghoon
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  • Pointe aux Canonniers
Grand Baie Karate Dojo
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Sensei Vince has developed an awesome world class dojo at Dojo Grand Baie (Pointe aux Canonniers) where kids can emerge from as a highly disciplined (physically and mentally) young karateka. The facility is spacious and classes run throughout the week for all ages, encouraging family participation.

Karate students are not only being taught punching and kicking techniques but also the art of manners, etiquette and attitude, which are the true essence of karate. Sensei Vince is very passionate about karate. He is exceptionally great with children. The Grand Bay Dojo is highly recommended whether its for self defence, trying to get fit, to built confidence or just looking for something different.

The values developed in our Dojo are :

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