Jummah Mosque

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Jummah Mosque
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The Jummah Mosque (Jummah Masjid; formerly Mosquée des Arabes, "Mosque of the Arabs") is a mosque in Port Louis dating from the 1850s. The building combines Indian, Creole and Islamic architecture. The Jummah Mosque houses the remains of Jamal Shah (a pir from Kutch, India) in a marble tomb next to the mosque.

The Arabs came to Madagascar where they established a settlement on the east coast, and also to the Mascarene islands which appear on their maps under names of Dina Arobi, Dina Margabin and Dina Noraze respectively — Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues as they are known to-day. A map drawn in 1153, by the famous Arab geog­rapher, Al Sharif El-Edrissi, shows fairly accurately the location of these islands.

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