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National mobilization against the oil spill

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  • Pointe d’Esny - Mahébourg
National mobilization against the oil spill
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After hundreds of people spontaneously showed up, volunteers wishing to participate in the operations were asked to make themselves known to the Ministry of the Environment. 4 priority areas for action have been identified: Creole Rivers, the lagoon off the Mahébourg seafront, the Pointe d'Esny lagoon and the Falaises Rouges. Pumping operations are carried out. The mobilization of Mauritians is also requested to collect empty 5-liter water bottles which will serve as floats in the "booms", the straw socks. "Boom" construction sites have also been set up, as in the north of the island at Belle Vue.

Buoys have been pulled at sea in an attempt to protect Ile aux Aigrettes from oil slicks, and to contain them. Pumping operations are also carried out, but the resources deployed are insufficient. At the same time, citizens and associations have stepped up initiatives. This accident is extremely serious for the marine ecosystem, including coral reefs, marine organisms, and mangroves, among others ... 


OK, we're no engineers. We want to help and give our support and it doesn’t matter how. We want to help the professionals already there to reduce task loading and make their job easier. Together we can reduce the damages already done. We don’t want to take anybody's job but if needed we want to help out by carrying ropes or go in the water to hold on something. We will do it. The idea is to give support any way we can.

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