Domaine des Aubineaux

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Domaine des Aubineaux
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The Domaine des Aubineaux offers the discovery of a century-old place. Located on the edge of the City of Lights of Mauritius, its bucolic charm promises an authentic change of scenery. Dating from the end of the 19th century, this family home was converted into a museum following the death of the last occupant in 1999. Made of period wood, the house is decorated with pretty turrets which give it an imposing appearance, as well as a wide central corridor, rather unusual at the time. During the renovation, the owners didn't want to change anything, and the house kept all its period furniture and paintings.

This French colonial-style house was built by shipwrights who used planks from demolished ships and local woods such as ebony and rosin, which are rare in our forests today. The singular elements of its architecture are the two turrets (added in 1916), the interior toilets (usually outside period dwellings), and the central corridor (an unusual element because the colonial houses had communicating rooms to allow easy ventilation in a tropical climate).

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