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Why is thermal insulation essential in Mauritius? Are you too hot in your home or in your bedroom? Are you consuming too much electrical energy because of the air conditioning? Do you have waterproofing or infiltration and humidity concerns?

Here's how to cut your energy consumption in half:
Isolpaint, high-tech ceramic paint, easy to apply on your roofs and walls. This paint is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it reflects 99% of U.V. Isolpaint is also an acoustic and fire retardant insulator (class A).

Result : 8 to 15 degrees of temperature difference in your home, between 30 and 50% energy savings.
Your investment is amortized within two years.

It is normal that after a while, the bitumen joints of your bituminous membrane are attacked by UV rays and humidity. They crack and allow moisture and heat to pass through and therefore cause high temperatures in the house. IsolPaint will save you energy, give you better living comfort in summer in your home.

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