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Underground ROCK Festival

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  • TBC 2024
  • Port Louis
Underground ROCK Festival
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Underground Rock Festival is fully devoted to a rock universe of all kinds and for all tastes to the delight of rock lovers in Mauritius. The only place for metalheads in Mauritius.

This festival aims to incite local rock artists in known territory. Underground Rock Festival is a label bringing together all artists with the same passion, and the same desire to share and brighten up rock music on one stage.

This festival is an important step in the projects of Culture Events & Production. But this production house, headed by Jimmy Veerapin, intends to set up a whole structure to make Mauritian rock more visible.

The Culture Events & Production box will transform the Café du Vieux Conseil into a center of culture. Culture Events and Production received the approval of the municipality of Port-Louis after a call for tenders launched shortly before.

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